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More than 95% buildings are constructed under the advice of building contractor. Contractors are playing the role of consultant engineers in each and every step of building construction. These buildings are undoubtedly highly vulnerable to the potential earthquake.

It is a falasy to think that houses are strong and safe because there are a lot of cement and steel bars used in the process of construction. Buildings are weak if they lack proper technology. These buildings may collapse during earthquake and may cause huge loss of life and property.

We cannot even imagine the loss of damage and loss due to earthquake. To mitigate the damage, earthquake resistant building construction technology should be promoted. However, the irony is that even the engineering students in Bachelor's Level do not have earthquake resistant building technology in their syllabus; let alone the junior level construction technicians.Recently, however, CTEVT has introduced some earthquake resistant techniques in the syllabus of Civil Sub-Overseer. It is definitely highly commendable move. Citing all these factors, we are of the view that engineering students and masons must be imparted with the knowledge and skill of earthquake resistant techniques while they are studying.Some so called high-flying NGOs are spending billions of rupees for earthquake awareness and training but it is high time to analyze achievement at the cost of investment. We are of the view that action is much more stronger than words.

To this end, we are undertaking construction job "on labor contract" and implementing earthquake resistant measures in practice, which is much more effective and useful to disseminate the safe construction technology. On the one hand masons and labor are trained in the field itself and technology transfer takes place on the other. It is in this sense an "open laboratory" for students. When medical student need hospital to practice, engineering students need such construction sites for practical knowledge and skills.

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